We are a team of driven technologists who create smartified buildings and deliver mobile first real estate experiences that benefit the owners, tenants and visitors who interact with their building portfolio’s on a daily basis.

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We work with premium clients to redefine their workplace offerings through our tenant-first technology services.


As your technical partner we work alongside your design teams to advice and design digital access solutions to all of your managed resources. After defining a cost effective multi-product solution we then deliver this to tenants through our intuitive smart phone interface.


At the same time we aim to build, gain and maintain your status as the desirable address for businesses in your city.

Our cloud platform API's offer interconnectivity for a myriad of vendors that can offer tenants personal recognition, environmental comfort, wireless access solutions and seamless use of shared resources.


Your agile digital architecture will becomes an intuitive part of the everyday work-flow of your buildings for years to come.


Our cloud platform has the capabilities to deliver mobile access for unlimited users, over multiple locations making us a perfect partner for those invested in co-working venues.

Say goodbye to easily lost hard keys, access cards and fobs with

our smart phone access solution product that adds a personal touch for each tenant.


Our visitor management kiosk's and remote approved access allows each tenant to visually recognise their visitors before they enter the private areas of the any building.


As Indoor.Ninja is a live system that incorporates multiple levels of administration. All tenants, employees or companies can be approved, removed and placed on hold in real-time.


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Featured project

SKYON Tallinn Estonia.


SKYON is a modern 95m tall, 26 floor business building

 in the heart of Tallinn opening in 2020.


As the technology partner, our role is to recommend and co-ordinate the integration of all technical layers with in the 8200m2 of mixed use space. and then deliver all services direct to the tenants through a single smart phone interface.


Once connected we will offer it's tenants a single interface for elevators, door access, single-source wifi, automated parcel deliveries and a unique smart lobby,  all with-in the targeted cost per square meter of the clients budget.


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